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Tuesday 18 February 2014

The Brit Awards direction

We only got one day to the 34th edition of the British annual pop music awards aka "Brit Awards" and in Welldone Publishers: Art Prints & Greeting Cards worldwide we are still thinking about who will be the big winners.  

¡We just can't wait to see the Ceremony show tomorrow held from the O2 Arena!

Within the British pop groups nominees there is the teenage-iconic One Direction. Whoever who lives in the Uk is aware of the strong merchandising this boy band has been spreading around the Country and no one can't scape their influence at this stage.

In Welldone Publishers we have gone beyond the atmosphere of the street and we have checked out the One Direction Fan Art via Tumblr

Hereby in we would like to share with you few of the artistic purposes One Direction's fans are submiting:


 By Vishakhasunger 

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