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Friday 30 May 2014

Inspiration: Liberty

Welldone Publishers: Art Prints & Greeting Cards Worldwide has spent the Friday 30th at Liberty, just browsing around the store to spot new trends, fresh ideas and enjoying with the Liberty iconic pattern.

Hereby in we show you an amazing display of 40 pictures taken by Welldone Publishers that we wish it could bring you some inspiration for home & garden, fashion, bath and stationery. Enjoy!

From now on you will find more #RealLife stories from us checking the #WelldonePublishersLive hashtag!

Liberty's iconic pattern in 
bags, purses and device cases

gift paper by Lead Zeppelin



greeting cards

jewellery by Vanessa Arizaga

lift roof detail




home & garden








 early 20th's children chair

 English 19th century mill cart on timber frame with cast iron wheels and hide body

 original church chairs with back draw for the Bible

Russian Art Week in London

From today 30th May London is celebrating the 4th Russian Art Week, event that will be performing until 7th June. 

Russian Art Week is a bi-annual event that belongs to the official programme of the Uk - Russia Year of Culture 2014, and pretends to celebrate the long cultural tradition of relationship between both countries. The venue is giving to rare and valuable Russian paintings or icons, including Faberge, the opportunity to be refreshed by the major Auction houses of the city such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams and MacDougall’s. 

Welldone Publishers: Art Prints & Greeting Cards Worldwide is excited about such event coming to the city and are willing to visit some of its auction houses.

"The series of lavish Easter eggs created by Fabergé for the Russian Imperial family, between 1885 and 1916, against an extraordinary historical backdrop, is regarded as the artist-goldsmith’s greatest and most enduring achievement. The Imperial Easter eggs are certainly the most celebrated and awe-inspiring of all Fabergé works of art, inextricably bound to the Fabergé name and legend" source

Quote Time: Addiction

Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist

By Roger Brown
"Talk Show Addicts"

Thursday 29 May 2014

Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona

From today 29th May through 31st May Barcelona is enjoying with the Primavera Sound Festival, held from Parc del Forum. 

Welldone Publishers: Art Prints & Greeting Cards Worldwide is happy to talk about one of the most successful music events Barcelona celebrates each year, attracting a wide audience excited to dance with the best line up.

This year Primavera Sound Festival will host bands as Arcade Fire, Pixies, Queens of the Stone Ag or The National, all of them will be part of over 150 groups that have been programed to participate.

"Music Notation Print"
(40x30, 60x40, 60x84, 70x50cm) 

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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Emerging Writers Festival in Australia

Yesterday started the Emerging Writers Festival in Melbourne and it will be running until 6th June. The Australian event is not-for-profit organization created to support emerging writers, to protect creativity, innovation and to nurture new talent.

The Festival will cover different topics and venues such as Readers Room, Photography Exhibitions, Venue Hub, Digital Writers Masterclass, Literary Sexting (online sex writing), the Art of the Short Story, Screenwriting and Conferences.

From Welldone Publishers: Art Prints & Greeting Cards Worldwide  we wish all the success to the emerging writers on their careers.

By John Leech
cartoon 1861

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Talent: Flora Borsi


Quote Time: Ancient Rome

Arthur Erickson
Canadian architect and urban planner 
(1924 - 2009)

"Ancient Roman pottery print"
(40x30, 60x40, 60x84, 70x50cm) 

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