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Friday 27 June 2014

The Fashion and Art Weekend: When Fashion meets "The Memphis Group"

Welcome to a NEW article of The Fashion and Art Weekend, directed and written in exclusivity for Welldone Publishers: Art Prints & Greeting Cards Worldwide by Silvia Moya , an expert fashion blogger.

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2- Salvador Dalí & Elsa Schiaparelli, the surreal couple

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When Fashion meets 'The Memphis Group': by Silvia Moya

The Memphis Group was a cultural phenomenon that revolutionized the design world in the 80's. It was founded in 1981 in Milan by the Italian architect Ettore Sottsass next to other young designers and Milanese architects. 

In a short period of time, loads of international names from the world of design joined the group: Michele de Lucchi, Matteo Thun, Xavier Mariscal, Marco Zanini, Aldo Cibic, Andrea Branzi, Barbara Radice, Martine Bedin, George J. Sowden and Nathalie du Pasquier.

The main purpose of this creative movement was to shake up the traditional, conservative and minimalist mind that was succeeding in the design, especially in the furniture.  

The Memphis Group was surrounded by the influence of the modernism, the pop culture, the art deco, the kitsch style, the vibrant colors, the mixture of different prints, fabrics, materials and colors in divergence with the Post-Bauhaus's rational aesthetic of the 70's.

Is interesting to note that the group's name was inspired by Bob Dylan's song: Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again. The anecdote comes up because when Sottsass met the team at the first time the theme was playing at his office.

The Memphis Group was dissolved 8 years later although their power and influence remains today. Their heritage based on colorful decoration, asymmetrical shapes or plastic laminate could not stop fashion to get some inspiration, specially during the recent years in which the 80's fashion revival has become stronger than ever.


One example of the influence of The Memphis Group on fashion it comes from the house of Dior

The first post-Galliano's Haute Couture collection  (Autumn-Winter 2011) not only paid tribute to the iconic French Maison's silhouettes but also to the peculiar way The Memphis group used to combine geometries, colors or materials. 

The results were a bizarre, eccentric and excessive collection: architectural forms, volumes, mixing color block, the bacteriological pattern... the new Dior definitely stressed the Memphis aesthetics.

Take into account the following Dior's sandals, they look like authentic "Memphis walking shoes":


And talking about shoes, we have to mention now Adidas.The German retailer made tribute to The Memphis Group's colorway designing a pair of trainers in 1989. 

Recently Adidas has relaunched the Originals ZX 9000 “Memphis Group”, a mixture of stripes patterns, from pastel color to saturated, in patent leather, suede, nubuck  and mesh:


Although the most stunning collection that pays tribute to the whole Memphis movement it was launched by the Italian women's footwear company Sergio Rossi, in 2013. The Italian brand inspired all its Spring-Summer Collection by the bold graphics of the Memphis collective

The Zaaga Zig platform sandals were the hotspot of the collection and they were exhibited in the confines of 10 Corso Como, held in Milano, sharing room with original Memphis pieces.


"The technique used by Memphis, including the combination of prints, vibrant colors and unusual materials to create the most innovative mixtures, gave me the opportunity to extol the handcrafted Sergio Rossi's flair and to make them feel like beautiful design pieces" the Creative Director of the footwear brand, Francesco Russo, has said.


"Influence peddling", the Spanish designer David Delfin has described his Autumn-Winter 2014 collection's motto. 

For David Delfin, the isolation doesn't exist in Art but the updating of the existing concepts. The architectural "memphinian" shape doesn't attract the Spanish designer,  but the bacterial or saw patterns and the pop aesthetics that closely resemble the fun, different, unexpected and functional philosophy of his brand.



In 2006 Miuccia Prada shown interest for the iconic illustrations that the French-born, Milan-based artist Nathalie du Pasquier drawn in the 1980's as an original member of The Memphis Group

The Italian luxury brand brought the powerful look of Memphis to the Men runway designing the Summer line. The African tribal print was the starring role of the collection as it was for the Nathalie du Pasquier's designs who recently has collaborated as well with American Apparel fashion brand.


Everything looks like the influence of this eighties cultural movement has come back to stay and we suspect that the next step will be taken by Chanel through his head designer and creative Karl Lagerfeld.

Did you know Karl Lagerfeld is one of the top collectors of original Memphis pieces? He assembled an exuberant set in his vast Monte Carlo penthouse:

International Day of Deafblind Persons

are joining the awareness of the

International Day of Deafblind Persons


Thursday 26 June 2014

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 By Damian Octavio Kaliyeski


Wednesday 25 June 2014

Quote Time: Patchwork

we are all patchwork, and so shapeless and diverse in composition that each bit, each moment, plays its own game


and there is as much difference between us and ourselves as between us and others

 Pascal Mercier

Swiss writer and philosopher




Talent: Yuto Yamasaki

Welcome back to 

today the Talented artist is:

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Midsummer aka St John's Day

Welldone Publishers: Art Prints & Greeting Cards Worldwide are happy to celebrate St John's Day, that period also known as Midsummer in which we make tribute to the Summer Solstice.

Midsummer is specially commemorated in Scandinavia or the Baltics. It is said that for Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Estonia, Midsummer's Eve is the greatest festival of the year, and for some people and communities it is the best excuse to celebrate parties and festivals to welcome the summer period.


Monday 23 June 2014

International Widows Day

are joining the awareness of the

International Widows Day

 The awareness day takes place annually on 23 June to address the "poverty and injustice faced by millions of widows and their dependents in many countries" (United Nations dixit)

 Dhumavati - The Widow Goddess

Friday 20 June 2014

The Fashion and Art Weekend: "Salvador Dalí & Elsa Schiaparelli, the surreal couple"

Welcome back to our new section The Fashion and Art Weekend, directed and written in exclusivity for Welldone Publishers: Art Prints & Greeting Cards Worldwide by Silvia Moya , an expert fashion blogger.

The aim of is to look into art & fashion collaborations, from the present-day to historic fashion evolution.

If you would like to know more about this section and to enjoy reading both English and Spanish the latest articles please click on the links below:


Salvador Dalí & Elsa Schiaparelli, the surreal couple By Silvia Moya

Salvador Dalí was born in Figueres, Catalunya (Spain) on May 11th 1904 and he is one of the best-known artists worldwide. Highest representative of surrealism and provocation, Dalí devoted his entire life to drawing, painting, writing and definitely: creating.  

When I think about him it comes into my mind, besides his vivacious mustache (which he worn in honor of his admired Velázquez), some of his artworks, such as his soft watches or The Great Masturbator in addition to those performed by the inspiration of his muse: his wife Gala ... . But certainly, it was much more hidden behind the painter.

The Great Masturbator

Dalí was a designer: Two of the most well-known objects were those sponsored by the British millionaire and poet Edward James who used to patronage surrealist movement: the famous Lobster Telephone (1936) and the exhilarating Mae West Lips Sofa (1937) that Dalí created inspired by the lips of his American actress portrait. Dalí was a filmmaker: He collaborated with Buñuel and Hitchcock and he even worked closely to Walt Disney. Dalí was a writer: He wrote his own autobiography. Dalí was an architect: He worked next to the builders who built his Museum-House opened to the public at his hometown. Dalí was a character: His rivals used to say he sold himself better rather than his artworks, to which he replied back: What's important is people to talk about you, even if they only say good things. And finally, Dalí flirted with fashion thanks to, among other influences, his friendship with the Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli.

Lobster Telephone aka Aphrodisiac Telephone

Mae West portrait by Dalí

"The Dalí Theatre-Museum" display

"Lips Sofa" design

Born in 1890 in Rome (Italy) within a wealthy family, the couturier Elsa Schiaparelli is to fashion what Dalí is to painting: his most eccentric and arty icon.

Fashion industry owes to Schiaparelli the invention of the Trompe-l'œil effect, the culottes (garment that looks like a skirt but it is actually pants) the shocking pink (her favorite color), dresses in newsprint tissue and the prominence given to both buttons and zippers on her designs. Besides, her catwalks were authentic theatrical performances, something quite unusual in the era of minimalism. It is important to highlight her contemporary rival was Coco Chanel, french couturier who was also the first fashion designer who collaborated with artists like Jean Cocteau and Salvador Dalí.

Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí

The friendship between Dalí and Schiap (as she liked to be called by her friends) inspired the creation of two fetish pieces: the legendary Shoe Hat (1937-38), often worn by Elsa down the streets of Paris in a provocative manner:

Shoe Hat

Schiaparelli's wearing Shoe Hat

And the Lobster Dress (1937), outfit redesigned by Prada for Anna Wintour, to be worn during the 2013 MET gala, intitled: Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations, making a tribute to these great women.

Lobster Dress

Happily, there were much more fashion icons designed by both artists: the Aphrodisiac Jacket (1936), the Skeleton Dress (1938), the Tears Dress (1938) and several pieces of jewellery exhibited in the The Dalí Theatre-Museum of Dalí, in Figueres.

Aphrodisiac Jacket

Skeleton dress

Tears Dress 

But unfortunately, although Schiaparelli's fashion creations received good press and public reviews the sales results were not successful enough, so shortly after her collaboration with the surrealist artist, the Italian designer couture house declared bankruptcy in 1954. Her shop in Paris was closed and she retired from fashion. Schiaparelli died in 1973, in Paris.

The creative director of Schiaparelli, Marco Zanini, has tried to revamp the couture brand, purchased by Diego Della Valle in 2007. Marco Zanini has sent back to the runways the Schiaparelli's allure during the Paris's couture week, which was run last January.

The Eye of Time

Meanwhile, Dalí kept creating and even he dared to design a collection of hilarious bathing suits. He was a genius who also preached by example since he himself was his own creation most surreal.

Who but himself would ever have a pet anteater?


Salvador Dali taking out his pet anteater