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Friday 17 October 2014

Christmas Cards Weekend: Welcome to our NEW Collection!

Welcome to the , the NEW temporary section delivered during the pre-Christmas period, sharing space with the .

Christmas is coming and with the Christmas Cards Weekend we pretend to talk about everything related to this magic and fabulous period of time, plenty of nice stories and historic references to share with all of you.

We started a few days ago talking about the history of the first Christmas Card ever sent, and today we want to introduce to all you our NEW Christmas Cards collection by LaVinetaFairy Tale, The Victorians & Classic range to be sold direct to Agents & Retailers.

Within a few days you will be able to enjoy with more Christmas Cards suggestions: Arty & London series.

So let's see a few examples of our NEW Christmas Cards range and please keep in touch with us for any enquiry, quotation, suggestion or comment!

With Love  x x




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