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Friday 6 February 2015

Inspiration: Barcelona & the Romanesque exhibition!

Hey Welldone Publishers followers! We come today with good news!

We visited Barcelona last January and one of the places we popped in to was the neoclassical style building Palau Robert based on the modernist & fashionable Passeig de Gràcia street.

Palau Robert is at present a government-run institution which hosts an exhibition centre. From 9th September to 11th January 2015 the building has held the exhibition Romanesque times. Art, life and conscience driving the visitors back to the antique Catalonia. 

The exhibition displayed an interdisciplinary approach to Romanesque that ranged from art and intellectual thinking to people’s experiences.  

Sources confirm the initial international artistic movement was the Romanesque, style developed in a wide zone of Western Europe, from the 11th century up to the 13th century, under the impact of Christianity.

And hereby in the pictures Welldone Publishers's team took when visiting the exhibition:

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